What I Think About Michael’s Return (Jane The Virgin Season 5) + What I Would Do If I Was Jane

*spoiler alert*

So Michael is back, but he has amnesia.

Extreme double whammy of drama cliches.

It serves its purpose in the context of Jane the Virgin, and definitely fits in to the general style of the series.

But what about the emotional aspect?

It’s the kind of thing that none of us wants to think about happening to us, and yet the scenario has been on my mind since my late teens (thank you, tragic love story dramas where one of them dies).

Of course, like any person would do, I’ve done my best to suppress my worries of that happening to me, but I feel like it’s getting better lately, as I take steps to lower anxiety in general.

I don’t remember what I felt about Michael’s death, so I’ll talk only about his return. Also, let’s not talk about death, because why?

If I found myself in Jane’s situation, I would probably freak out, or shut down completely.

My initial instinct, says my psychic brain, would be to slap him for putting me through it, but like I said, I might shut down instead.

As for the Rafael aspect — if I had that going on, it would surely be more complicated (Duh.)

On the one hand, I wouldn’t want anyone else, but I also don’t want to spend my life alone as a single mom, so I don’t know. I would at least want to be provided for.

If I had a Rafael, and my husband returned like Michael, I would probably dump Rafael. He was just a for-the-time-being kind of thing. An until-zombies-or-vampires-or-ghosts-are-a-real-thing type of rebound.

Yeah, I would probably explore ghost whispering.

We’re forged in a more special way than Jane and Michael were — Jane dated Rafael while Michael was still alive! I’d say that that points to the fact that neither of them is her true love, unless both are. But either way, it definitely indicates an inability to maintain a long term relationship. Maintaining relationships is about skill as much as it is about love.

Once you’re in it, you’re in it for life, is what I think.

Then there’s the fact that I also believe that one can get a new soulmate if the first one becomes irrelevant, so I may encounter a person that I falsely believe to be that.

(Note on soulmates: The term can mean different things, but I’m using it in the colloquial way.)

Also, after Michael (or Jason) returned, he didn’t have the same personality as before. Can we then assume that a different soul entered his body? Or is he still the same person?

What if, during the electroshocks that Rose gave him, the reason he lost his memory is because a his body changed souls?

(I’m sure there are scientific explanations, but that’s not important.)

If the body of my husband got a new soul, the body that returned is technically not my soulmate anymore, right?

But if the soul remains the same, he would still be, so we would conquer the situation.

Yes, I would be mad at him first, and confused. But then I would adapt to the new situation, like people do, and we would eventually have our relationship back in whatever shape it needs to be at the time.

People and circumstances always change. The important thing is to adapt, and especially so in long term relationships.

I think that some people have this belief that it’s bad if the person they’re with changes, but that’s just what happens in life. The question is, are you willing to change with them? Not sacrifice the personal changes or status quo that you need, but merging it all together and evolve as one, while also exploring your individual journey.

So, in short, if Jane’s experience happened to me, I would go back to Michael and resume our life together, because that’s the decision I made when marrying him.

I don’t know if he’s her soulmate or not, but he’s the one she chose and married — amnesia or not. Jane needs to clear up her dizzy mind and remember who she decided to spend her life with, then stick to that decision (Unless, of course, “Jason” and Petra get it together — I haven’t gotten that far yet, but it would be fun to see).

What do you think, and what would you do? Please tell me in the comments, and let’s discuss.


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